The Studio

Our team led by founding partners Carlos Paternina and Zeus Torrecillas, is composed of designers, draftsmen, decorators and consultants specialized in residential, commercial and tourism projects.

Our design philosophy is based on our strong belief that every project requires a personalized study, adaptable to change, by adapting to the client and their needs. Our belief in the human connection with the built environment is integrated at all levels of our work. It provides a foundation for all human activity and is, by definition, the material, spatial, and cultural result of human effort that combines physical elements and energy in forms of daily living, working, and recreation.

Having the ability to work with the only team that intimately understands your project is an opportunity to create and execute a seamless vision throughout the scope of your project. Rarely seen in the industry, our unique comprehensive in-house service includes all facets of building design, seamlessly flowing into the final layer of conceptual development and finishing elements of interior decoration and architecture.

Before embarking on any design work, we focus not only on the aesthetic vision but also on what fundamentally supports the way the client needs to use and function within the space. We then operate as a cohesive team to achieve livable and constructible solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

Within our scope of work, we integrate BIM methodology for greater definition and accuracy in all our projects and implementation in the metaverse. Sustainability and efficiency are some of the fields that are integrated alongside aesthetics in the projects.

The team

Carlos Paternina

Zeus Torrecillas

Clara Amorrich

Elena Martínez

Ignacio Pérez Arangüena